CIMC ENRIC HONGTU Team in Africa Wish Everyone A Great New Year

With covid-19 sees another spike across the world, countless overseas construction projects are halted. Chinese companies are doing their best to guarantee the timely delivery of projects in defiance of difficulties with bravery. The people of CIMC ENRIC HONGTU marched on against all odds accompanied with covid-19, exercising the ideal of customer is the center with dedication and perseverance.


The moment the second tank closed at L City, West Africa

Due to L City’s lockdown at the peak of the pandemic, the project of 2 sets of 5000m³ LPG tanks and depot in L City was not able to be mobilized in time. In September of 2020, the L City government loosened the control policy given the improved status of covid-19. To maximize and guarantee customer’s interest, CIMC ENRIC HONGTU’s management team were highly attentive to the situation and acted with precision and efficiency. From December of 2020 to January of 2021, we mobilized 27 able and experienced personnel from another project in T City, West Africa and China which laid a solid foundation for a speedy delivery with consideration to quality and safety. The project department went on with safe operation and implemented rigorous pandemic control policies on site. All personnel take body temperature twice a day and all rooms are sanitized everyday. Under the scorching sun in West Africa, workers sweat buckets while they’re masked.During the construction, the Project Manager and Technical Manager ardently making sure the quality of fit-up and welding is up to the standard. The actions fully exemplify the CIMC ENRIC HONGTU team’s good spirits and also embody the fine tradition of commitment to excellence of HONGTU’s legacy as a previous military company.


Welders conducting welding on L City Project’s tank No. 1

The project overcame a series of challenges since the commencement of the project with team-work and commitment to professionalism. The Employer engaged a third party supervising company to monitor the project’s execution, especially with focus on quality. Based on the differences and limitations of the third party’s project experience, execution, understanding of standard, management style and cultures, the supervisors obstructed the progress with different interpretations of standards with regards to our fit-up and welding workmanship. The project department paired with headquarters’ team of engineers and internationally recognized quality consultants (TPIA-TUV), corresponded to the supervisors’ questions and doubts. With interactions on three occasions, given the professionalism and earnest work ethics we exhibited during the process, the Employer offered us full support. The Employer also gave clear instructions to the Supervisor party that they shall be fully supportive to HONGTU’s team and work as a team in the future. This episode not only earned respect from the Employer and also presented CIMC ENRIC HONGTU’s corporate culture of professionalism and dedication to excellent work.


The NDT engineer is testing the welding with TOFT in T City, West Africa

Apart from the LPG project in L City, we also have busy activities going on in another two projects in T City and P City of another West African Country. The 2 sets of 6000m³ LPG tanks are finished with erection and tank one is conducting TOFT for the NDT. Piping and depot team are mobilized on site and started their work. The long-distance Natural Gas(NG) pipeline project will be soon delivering to the Employer. At the same time, breaking news broke out from HQ that we just signed a 27 million dollar EPC Contract on LPG and PMS tanks and related depots for an old customer. This project means we’re stepping into a new territory as we earned reputation in the local market. The international business is thriving despite the raging pandemic. It’s an opportunity as well as challenge for CIMC ENRIC HONGTU. The opportunity is that we can serve a larger group of customers in a bigger market. The challenge part is that we need to upgrade the team-building that suits to the international market which will enable us to expand to a new level in terms of market share and management performance. In facing this once-in-a-hundred-year historical occasion, CIMC ENRIC HONGTU will rise with steadfastness and earnest to overcome the possible challenges and seize the upcoming opportunities. We will become a major player in the international oil and gas supply chain and make our own contributions to the Chinese proposed Carbon Neutral Policy and the building of a more green and sustainable planet.


L City Project Team is wishing a happy new year to all friends!

HONGTU will be guided by CIMC Group in a new era and follow the footsteps of “New CIMC embarks on a new journey”. As the Spring Festival is approaching, all personnel of CIMC ENRIC HONGTU who are working at overseas projects wish all Chinese both at home and abroad a healthy family and a happy new year!